Will get back to you once I have tried those suggestions and check the fps. Hola buenos dias queria pedirles un favor; mañana pienso formatear mi pc y tengo instalados varios dispositivos de los cuales no tengo los driver; como el modem de banda ancha, la webcam, la tarjeta de video etc etc. There is some slowdown as time passes, but certainly not within 30 minutes. I added the x64 version. If one is hooked up into the motherboard, the game may be confused, and is trying to use that GPU the Intel HD to render. There shouldn’t be an issue. One thing to try; I just noticed you have 2 monitors.

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Hrm, I hate to say it, but it sounds like your CPU is bogged down somehow. Comenzar una nueva discusión. Still sluggish but playable. Mostrando 1 – 15 de 24 comentarios. Mydrjvers are your system specs? The lag seems to get worse as time goes on.

Se unió 17 Ene Mensajes Hay que estar conectado o registrado para responder aquí. Hoping to fix some of that next patch, actually. Am I missing something? But, I suppose we can figure it out later.

If that’s the case, you can get updated drivers here; http: I just shut off my computer for the night. It’s also possible you just need a driver update, RtR also uses OpenGL rather than DirectX, it could be some wonkiness in a driver version you’re running. Hrm, your specs should be fine to run the game at a flawless 60 frames a second.


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Granted I have only played for about thirty minutes. Se unió 2 Ene Mensajes I have a desktop, not sure if that makes a difference? Ustedes saben que programa me puede servir y q’ recomendaciones me dan para no mydrivees mucha perdida.

The menus mydriveers fine but as soon as mydrivwrs loads into a region it gets slow. The game is written in Java, and some apps mainly over zealous malware and virus scanners can cause some slowdowns. Backup antes de formatear. Se unió 18 Oct Mensajes 1, I play higher demand games on high graphics. I found my specs through steam and copied it into the previous message.

Just noticed while I am placing a building or have something selected it is not sluggish. None detected VR Headset: It is pretty much unplayable. Se unió 28 Abr Mensajes 1. I added the x64 version.

Backup antes de formatear |

Mostrando 1 – 15 de 24 comentarios. Both monitors are hooked up to my GTX as it was a big issue when initally hooking up my new monitor it wouldn’t pick up the computer until I switched it to the graphics card. How should I check my specs? My mouse is mydrivere sluggish and trailing behind everything I do.


rtr mydrivers

Pesa solo 1 Mb. Your Intel i5 is only slightly slower than my main dev machine’s CPU.

rtr mydrivers

Utilize los que P0G0 me dijo, al principio me fue bien, instalo los de la board y la impresora, pero al instalar los de la webcam y el modem de la red si me presento problema, decia que faltaban algunos archivos. Supported 0x0 0x0 0x0 Video Card: Mydgivers are your system specs?

One thing to try; I just noticed you have 2 monitors. Y tambien saben si existe un programa que haga este backup, pero de mydrovers programas q’ tengo y que quiero volver a instalar. Only when nothing is selected and I’m just looking at my village does the mouse lag behind.

rtr mydrivers

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