Cannibalistic beasts seized by LA custom officers

Officials at Los Angeles airport have detained a shipment of highly-dangerous, giant African snails (pictured). The species were on a flight from Nigeria, with a destination point of California and simply labelled as being “for human consumption”. The snails, which were stored in plastic buckets, have since been torched by the US department of agriculture.

These type of life-threatening beast have the ability to eat paint and the stucco on the outside of houses, can wipe out agricultural crops and indigenous animals and carry parasites.

Despite being viewed as highly dangerous in America, the giant African snail is used in some religious rituals in Brazil and eaten as a delicacy in Nigeria

 This article was adapted from a Daily Mirror article. To read the original article click here.

Revenue's Customs seize 15.5kg of tobacco in Dublin

In an intelligence led operation earlier this year, Revenue Irish tax and customs seized 15.5kg of tobacco in residential premises in Dublin's north inner city. The retail value of this drug seize was as much as 6000
Revenue have had a number of notable drug sezures in Ireland, the most high profile being the capture of 1550 Kgs of Cocaine in Dunlough Bay, Co. Cork in July 2007. The estimated retail of this seize was a staggering 107 Million.
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Defending against cyber attack

The New Statesman reported on 22nd February, in an ar5icle by Francis Maude MP, minister for the Cabinet Office, on UK Government investment in policies and programmes to defned against cyber attack  ( It is likely that CBRNe detection will embrace the trend towards the Internet of Things (IoT) this in turn opens up the detection technologies to cyber attack. They will need to take account of the approaches being taken to defned cyber space.

Revenue’s Customs Service seize 6 kilos of herbal cannabis

stella-dogOfficers from Revenue's Customs Service have seized 6 kilos of herbal cannabis – thanks to a dog.
The drugs, which have a street value of €120,000, were discovered at Portlaoise Mail Centre this afternoon, a sniffer dog reacted to a package.
During routine profiling, the drugs were discovered when Revenue's sniffer dog, Stella, gave a positive reaction on a parcel that had been sent from South Africa to an address in North Dublin.
The drugs were sent in six bales and Revenue say that anyone with information on any illegal activity can confidentially contact 1800 295 295.
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Tobacco smuggled in microwave ovens

Smugglers go to any length to hide their substances from view. It is reported that ten people were arrested in Dec 2012 in raids in the UK and Luxembourg in a suspected £50m tax fraud by an international tobacco smuggling ring. (

HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) believe the gang used microwave ovens and other white goods to smuggle tonnes of illegal tobacco into the UK.


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